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I was at the store and saw some coconut water & thought to myself, that stuff is so good for you. I just don’t care for the taste for some reason. You know what I’ll just mix it with lemon & water, be side everything taste better with lemons.
-just before– I saw frozen grape juice and thought eh I’m too cheap to spend 2.65 on this I think I’ll just make lemonade.

So I made lemon coconut water not sure on its outcome because I went purely off of just what I thought sounded good.

Here’s what I used

3/4 pitcher of water
1 carton of coconut water
Half a large lemon -squeezed into the waters-

Mix well
It’s actually really good & you get the goods from the coconut water without such a powerful taste. Just drink multiple glasses 😉


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I simply used Kroger store brand sauce.. I cheated, who doesn’t?

The zucchini is the important part. We don’t eat much meat and I’m always looking for new ideas to put a twist on the everyday kind of stuff.

Sauté the zucchini with about 1/4 of a small onion. Or more if you like, we don’t like a ton but if you do, go for the half or more.
Put it in the pan with a drizzle if olive oil, Italian seasoning, a dash of adobo all purpose seasoning and of course a splash of red wine vinegar.
Sautéed until the zucchini is nice and soft.
Serve on pasta.

It’s a nice, healthier spin on spaghetti.


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Yumm, was this delish.

What you need
About 1/2 cup of “Go Veggie” cheese
A handful of spinach
& a roll of crescents

Sprinkle cheese on
Lay spinach on
Put another little sprinkle .. Or as much as you like
Bake for time on the package of rolls indicate

Enjoy. You will.

So easy. Does it get easier. I had to share,they just so easy & yet yummy!

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Even the hubby said “that’s really good!”

Here’s what you need
A box of spiral pasta
A jar of spaghetti sauce
1 1/2 cup of veggie “beef” crumbles
1 cut up zucchini
1/2 cup of edamame if you like .. Or not if you don’t, add any veggies you like.
1 cup of Go Veggie cheese

Boil your pasta
Put a layer down in your greased pan
Put a later of veggie
Then crumbles
Followed by sauce and cheese
Make a couple more layers

Bake for 15 mins at 375

Let cool & enjoy!

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