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So I’ve sucked at posting the past few weeks but its ok because I’m back at it. I totally quit my reception job and now get to stay home a day with my little man… And go to the zoo, parks, pool, COSI, and wherever I want because we have two cars now! We didn’t before. Having two cars rocks. Really.
Anyway I’ve been hitting the gym like almost daily… Not daily. I mean some activities like the zoo are close enough. I mean you walk up & down hills, chasing a two year old for at least two hours so that counts.. It’s real work sometimes.
But today is pool day so I’m currently sweating my face off on the treadmill .. Yep typing and speed walking.. Speed walking & sweating. Wild.
I used to be really freaked out from the machines at the gym because I was like htf do these work? Other people’s gross sweatyness touches them and I just don’t know if I like that. Well now good with it & use most of it.
Now I’m freaked out from the people I see at the gym sometimes.
The first is who we (hubby & I…and maybe others) call Pauly D.
He wears high top bright/multi colored shoes in the gym & leaves in sneakers… its silly. He walks around like everyone is looking at him & has the tall hair like Pauly D BUT actually it’s often styled like Dane Cook in his depressed not as hot days. I think that’s because he 1. Can’t afford the amount of hair product that Pauly uses or 2. He’s a little lazier/not really a “Guido” (did I spell that right?) I’m not sure. Also I never really see him working out hard. Generally he goes to a machine, sits down, looks around, does ONE rep gets up gets a drink & moves on. It’s kinda weird. Oh yes, all while looking around at everyone & making people feel awkward for looking at him. Oh and he stretches a lot, after every single machine he does one rep one. He’s behind me now, I think he’s following me. I hope you get a kick out of this just as much as I do watching him.

God I stink.


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