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So I’m sitting in the kitchen thinking what can I do with tuna & cream cheese (dairy free, that is!)
Well of course, I thought maybe Pinterest night give inspiration. I didn’t find what I made there but I found cream cheese and tuna can go together. So I mixed it together, put it in a little wrap, the kind kind for potstickers. And tadaaa, it’s not too bad.

I had an opened pack and they only last a week after opening so Im getting creative with them. I love them. The edges get crispy and I love a little crispy. I think I fake myself into thinking its fried though I don’t like fried I think our brains sometimes “crave it”. It’s like Wendy’s fries, yumm but not so yumm at the same time.

Anyway here is what I did.

Preheat the oven to 350 and lightly spray a good size baking sheet.
I used a pizza pan.

I used two packets of tuba
Maybe 3 tables spoons of dairy free cream cheese (use as much or as little as you want to taste)
Mix it well!

Spoon the mixture onto the little wrap, just a small amount so it doesn’t seep out. I’d estimate around a tablespoon or a little less depending on the size of the wrap.
Fold the wrap in half & pinch the edges.
Lay the wraps on the pan
Spray a light drizzle on the tops
Bake for 10 minutes
Flip and back 8-10 minutes or until they are browned on both sides.


Next time I might had some seasons or such but this wasn’t a bad test run.




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Well as you know if you read here often, we don’t eat real dairy products BUT we still love things that normally have dairy in them!
Last night was potato soup.. In the crock pot even! You can totally do this on the stove I was just letting it simmer.

So here’s what you need if you want dairy free potato soup, oh and it’s lighter by the way.. Less calories! It’s relatively clean I’d say too.


  • A few lbs of potatoes, (I used around 6 or so good sized potatoes from the bag.)
  • A full box/carton of veggie broth
  • 3 cups of water
  • 2 tables spoons of butter, we use Olivio olive oil substitute
  • 3 brats leftover from the night before.
    *You could use a half pound of sausage or to make it vegetarian which I do often find some great veggie sausage.
  • A little salt & spices or seasons you like most.
    (I often put pepper in mine but after I dropped it in a pain if boiling pasta I no  longer have any and can never remember to buy more.)

Now this is totally easy.
Pour the broth, water & drop the butter  in the crockpot
Dice up the potatoes, drop them in
Add you spices you like, I used salt, adobo season mix & oregano and it came out tasty but you choose your favorites!
Cooking is all about your taste anyway, right?
Pop that baby on high & let it cook for 6 hours!

6 hours later…

When the potatoes are nice & soft scoop about a two cups of liquid out & set aside, next your going to make it creamy scoop your soup into your food processes or blender & make them nice and creamy, set them aside and do it another 3 or so times. If you want a chunkier soup then simply spend less. Toss those creamy potatoes back into your crock pot with the stuff you didn’t mix. I always leave around 1/3 not blended.


6 hours later…lets blend!

Now with the liquid on the side just add it in so your soup is the constancy you like. I add very little as we like a thicker soup.


The liquid on the side

Once you have your soup to the consistency that you enjoy most it is not ready for you to eat!
Scoop it on into a big bowl, grab some ciabatta bread  and enjoy!!
The best bread to pair with it my hubby and I decided on is ciabatta. It’s a perfect match made in food heaven.

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We have always loved taco pizza.
Where we are from the Pizza Hut actually makes it but we cannot find it in Columbus and we didn’t find it in Jacksonville, NC … if we did find some they didn’t make it with beans.
So now I just make it myself, it’s almost cheaper and probably healthier & since the little man cannot have dairy it’s now digestible if I make it! 🙂

Here it is (pre-baked)!!


This is what you need

1 can of refried beans
a handful of cherry tomatoes..or whatever kind you want
a handful of lettuce or spinach
1 cup of meatless grounds (which also eliminates the cooking of beef)
1/4 a package of taco seasoning
1/2 – 1 cup of “Go Veggie” cheese
a few handfuls of tortilla chips

What you need to do
Preheat at 375
spread the beans
crumble the meatless grounds over the beans
I just sprinkle a little season over the beans and crumbles
dice the tomatoes and spread them evenly
the same with the lettuce
Crunch the few hand fulls of chips over the pizza
Sprinkle the cheese over it
bake for 10-15 minutes

Dip in salsa or spread it on.

I hope you enjoy as much as we do!


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I just found these allergy alert items called AllerMates.
dairy free

They have wristbands, dog tags, lunch & snack bags, stickers, and more and for all types of allergies.
Since little guy has dairy allergy we are going to get one for him. I just thought it was a wonderful product and had to share!!
I’ve lived with a dairy allergy for basically all of my life, I’ve had to be picky about my food, examine it, not eat things I REALLY want, explain why I can’t or am not eating something and so on since I was in 2nd grade and it’s amazing how many people even to this day say things like
“Oh I forgot!”
“I didn’t realize”
“Oh, just take one bite! – It won’t hurt you.”  my reply, “You don’t even know!”
“It’s in your head.” – Often my reply. “Really, let me puke on you after I take a bite of that pizza you are telling me wont hurt me.”

We go to play dates, birthday parties, family events, dinner parties and so on often and I can just think of 162 (okay maybe 62) ways off the top of my head that these can come in handy and I’m sure 200 other moms would feel the same.
I don’t want my little guy to accidentally eat dairy, it totally sucks and the fact that I really know what it’s like makes it even worse to see him not feel well from it.
Today he managed to get something dairy in his belly and kept telling me his belly hurt, wouldn’t eat dinner and even got out of his bath early because he didn’t feel well. I felt so bad. We as parents try so hard to make sure that our little ones don’t get in contact with things they can’t have but sometimes it does happen. Now that I work I am not always around and I feel like this gives me a little more control over what someone might be feeding him because it’s like my yelling from his wrist, “No dairy please!” Maybe it is just something that puts my mind at ease but being through it I know how easy it is to just pop in your mouth and how hard it is to really know if their is dairy in a food because sometimes believe it or not even the people making the food don’t know.
With the bracelets people are more than likely going to see that he is allergic to something. I hope at least.  They are bright and fun so it’s not something someone will likely miss.
Hopefully this comes in handy for someone!

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My little man and I are allergic to dairy…and today I don’t have eggs. So, I stumbled upon a recipe by the Food Allergy Moma. Then I did a little tweaking myself.


2 c. all purpose flour

4 T. granulated sugar

4 tsp. baking powder

1 tsp. salt

2 T. water

4 T. vegetable oil

2 c. soy or rice milk

Dairy free cooking spray

*I actually only made 1/2 the recipe and came out with over a dozen strips using my waffle strip maker…that I got in a white elephant gift exchange!!

I added

1 teaspoon of peanut butter 

shredded half of a mini Hershey bar (the kind that comes in the big bag for holidays)

We ate them up & hope you do too!! 😀

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I love to cook and create new meals with what I had.

I had no idea what to cook and I saw beans and turkey burger and thought, chili!…but I didn’t want soup. So here is the chili casserole I came up with.
I did cheat and used pre-made hash browns.


1 can of chili beans
1 lb of turkey burger
1/2 onion diced
1 can diced tomatoes
1 zucchini sliced then cut in half
4-5 slices of frozen hash browns
2 handfuls of almond shredded cheese {or whatever cheese you like}
If you like chili seasoning you can use that, I added Sazon seasoning so it wasn’t spicy for the little man.

Cook the turkey burger, then add the beans, onions, tomatoes, zucchini and seasoning once the burger is cooked.
Lay the hash browns on the bottom of the pan
Pour you mixture over the hash browns
sprinkle with cheese

bake at 375 for about 30 minutes.
{before you take it out of the oven make sure that your hash browns are no longer cold.}


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