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I love to get my massages, almost monthly… It should be always monthly but I guess sometimes I get lazy, busy or too caught in life to taking care if myself. Oops!
Anyway, mommy loves a GOOD massage.
I don’t get the kind of massage where someone pets me and pampers me. Theres not falling asleep.
Nope I get the kind where you want to hold your breath but you remember to breath because tour muscles need it, where, I’ve been told by my therapist that even done grown men ask for him to lighten up. Not me though.. Break up those knots!! That’s my motto.

I don’t get my massages monthly because I like to be pampered, thought that’d be fabulous. I get them because I need them, my body needs them, my mind and sprit needs them.
If I don’t get a massage in 4 weeks time from the last, my body screams “Take care of me!”
It starts in my shoulder, generally the right. Then my neck and if I haven’t give in another week or so my head and sometimes eyes. Almost always on the right side. Then if I still ignore my body begging for me to release the tension in the knots you can see it in my personality. Because I’ll sleep less due to not being comfortable I can get gravy or short tempered. Sometimes my bubbly attitude is more like a mellow wave. Once I get to this point I know it’s time, and it’s gonna be painful.
Today was one of those sessions.
I’ve gone too long, but it hasn’t been more than 5 weeks I’d estimate. It was last week I tried to get in & just Cosby get into my guy, or my second guy, then when I was suggested another, ok.. Try it! But my hubby had hockey tickets So rescheduling & waiting longer was my only option. I still went to a new guy but he was a good guy. I warned him where my knots were and that he was in for some work. As he started I let him know he can apply the pressure to those peak knots, I’m used to the pain. It won’t get better unless it hurts. At least in my case.
My knots were pretty big, I had some I didn’t even realize I had and a few in new spots.
When my massage was done the therapist said “You were right, you were very tight!”
Yea I know, it’s my body and if anyone knows their body it’s me. It’s like a 6th sense. They don’t have to feel for the knots I could just tell them, most times.
When I go to the chiropractor I tell him exactly what needs adjusted & I’m right a large majority if the time.

I love my body.
I want to keep it happy and healthy.
Taking a painkiller nightly is not the cure.
The cure is getting right to the reason. That reason is often muscles. One muscle is tight, so the next one gets a knot and that muscle just do happened to lead to another which goes right to the top of your head. Oh, now you have a headache. Tylenol can make it de better for a few hours but its not a fix. Breaking up those muscles that’s a fix.
As you put work on your body, stress and just do daily task your muscles are working very hard.
On my body they have a harder time soothing themselves out. I know this and I take care of it. Massage and chiropractic has really changed the way I look at my body, mind & spirit.
I’ve ways gotten headaches and it wasn’t until I was 19 that I started to take care the tight


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I take  a million photos, everyday. Every single photo tells a story about the story.
I do photography as a hobby, have since before it was cool… in 3rd grade I had my first 4-H project in photography. I’ve decided since I take so many but don’t want to delete ANY, since I love to look at them, since I’m afraid I’ll forget anything, since I want my children to have photos of themselves being little since I don’t, since I want to share my journey, since sometimes I think in 200 years someone will stumble upon them… I want to create a photobook every couple of months of all the photos I take and just let them stack up like a little…or quickly large library of love, life and memories. 


I just came to a realization that maybe my obsession with taking and keeping photos so much is that I don’t have any of myself as a child. Well, I have 2 up until I was about 8 then I have a few but not many until I got my very own first digital camera. Which was kinda crappy..weren’t most in the 2001 era?
The two I have are of me at maybe 6 months. The first I am in a pink ruffle dress in a white wicker chair and the second my mom is reading me a book and I am wearing a sailor kind of dress… I’ll have to take pictures of them and share.  Both are studio photos..which I am least fond of. I don’t hate them I just love on location or “kodak moment” type of photos. 

I don’t want my children to not have photos of themselves growing up. I don’t remember all of what I did, what I looked like, how I dressed, the goofy faces I made (I know I made some because I do now without even knowing) and so on.. it’d be fun to look at all of them, those that could have been.  I have NO idea what I looked like as a baby. I’m sure I was a cute little thing. I had to of been, the doctor that delivered me in Nashville, TN told my mom he’d take him if she didn’t want me…she did. She was 17, but she wanted me. Thankfully. Though, I have no photos. Maybe had I not been so early I would have photos of myself when I was born. I was 2 months early, to the day. Born June 10th… my due date was Aug 10th. My mom was with my dad bringing my uncle somewhere and the doctor said she’d be fine on the drive through the mountains, just get out and walk every few hours. They made it as far as Paris, TN. There was a series of events and I was born in Nashville and they tell me I came on my own and they’ve called me bossy & hard headed ever since. And I am.
I was born with a birthmark that is the shape of a diamond on my foot, the doctors thought my mom branded me…it’s just a birthmark, and I love it. Who has a diamond on them, since birth? It’d be neat to see what that birthmark looked like. I know me… I would had taken a photo a dozen photos had I had the means to. I came so suddenly if my mom had the means to she probably wouldn’t had the chance to anyway. Oh well. I love the photos I have and take now and I love to share them. I hope when my little guy and future mini me’s get older they love them just as much as I loved taking and collecting them.

Mmmhm, well there is the cause behind that obsession. 
Isn’t it funny how one little idea or thought gives you a reason behind how you might be, why you might have that little quirk. 
Interesting isn’t it, how we discover ourselves. 



I’m part hippie sometimes. 
I love to use herbals for all things from cleaning wounds to cleaning the walls. Everyday I go more and more natural and I love it. I feel healthier by subtracting chemicals from my life here and there. 

Today I used 
1 cup of baking soda 
several drops of tea tree oil 
enough water to make a paste. 

I used a scrub pad (the green ones you use for dishes) and scrubbed my bath tub down with it. I am pleasantly surprised. 

1. My bath tub is clean!

2. My bath tub is cleaned NATURALLY !! I’m normally really paranoid about putting Lalan in the tab tub after I’ve washed it with harsher chemicals, even after a few rinses. 

3. My entire upstairs smells great. (If you like tea tree oil smell) You could add your favorite essential oil to have your favorite smell. I hope it sticks around for a few days because I love it. 

Try it out sometime.
Tea tree oil is so versatile, it’s an antibacterial, anti-viral, anti-microbial, anti-septic, and insecticide, a fungicide, and it can be used as a stimulant..and many more. Check out some facts HERE!

And HERE is a link with a quick list of 20 ways to use tea tree oil. 
We use it in the little guys baths for his keratosis pilaris.

Try it, use it, embrace it!

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