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We blame it on the seasons, a holiday, the month or week.
But really that’s life.
We are always busy. Always chasing a child, cooking, studying, working, picking up dog crap, saying what you think others want to hear & so on that we loose track sometimes.
It’s not that one time is busy though some busier than the next but it’s about keeping track. Keeping track of every little thing we do & MAKING TIME to do it.
Can we make time? That’s be great. By keeping track we can make time.
I’ve been so off of my blog because “it’s been a busy summer.” No.
Yes I’ve been busy but not because of the summer but because that’s kinda my life.
I’m learning to keep track better to make more time. And here is the start if that…or restart.


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That wouldn’t be anymore true than it was on Mother’s Day for me, my best friend and her family.
As I’m making breakfast for my little guy I get a txt around 8:00 in the morning saying “I’m having contractions, I’m at the hospital and they are going to try to stop them.” My first reaction was “What!!” …”Like, real contractions!?”
Obviously yes but she was only 32 weeks. I was stunned. I was climbing the stairs to change so I could leave for the 2 hour drive to her once my hubby got home from the gym just as I received a call from her fiance. She’s being sent to Columbus by Care Flight and I needed to meet her in 30 minutes. I was there, before the helicopter!! I was able to get back within 10 minutes even though they said originally it’d be an hour.

There was a large series of events.. the contractions slowed, her parents left, her fiance walked his parents to their car (both sets live 2 hours away) and then her contractions flared up and there we were, just her and I breathing.
After and hour I made the doctor come in and questioned them stopping it…they said this was normal. After 8 hours I asked the nurse how long stopping labor takes and as she struggled to not look at me she said well sometimes we just can’t stop it. Right there I knew he was coming within the next 24-48 hours.. well surprise to me he’d be here 6 hours later.
After the contractions calmed a slight bit I went home to get dinner and put my little guy to bed just in time to be called back. It was happening, she was finally dilating and he was indeed coming tonight!!

Once I got there I ran straight back and couldn’t go in (I tried twice). Within 3 hours of waiting he was here, I ran back to her room just in time to see him as they were taking him to be examined. He was precious and I will never forget that moment… looking at her mom saying, “She has a baby!”
He was an amazing 4lbs 11oz.

He’s doing fabulous and I love him more and more everyday and I cannot wait to hold him and kiss all over him!!

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So I’ve sucked at posting the past few weeks but its ok because I’m back at it. I totally quit my reception job and now get to stay home a day with my little man… And go to the zoo, parks, pool, COSI, and wherever I want because we have two cars now! We didn’t before. Having two cars rocks. Really.
Anyway I’ve been hitting the gym like almost daily… Not daily. I mean some activities like the zoo are close enough. I mean you walk up & down hills, chasing a two year old for at least two hours so that counts.. It’s real work sometimes.
But today is pool day so I’m currently sweating my face off on the treadmill .. Yep typing and speed walking.. Speed walking & sweating. Wild.
I used to be really freaked out from the machines at the gym because I was like htf do these work? Other people’s gross sweatyness touches them and I just don’t know if I like that. Well now good with it & use most of it.
Now I’m freaked out from the people I see at the gym sometimes.
The first is who we (hubby & I…and maybe others) call Pauly D.
He wears high top bright/multi colored shoes in the gym & leaves in sneakers… its silly. He walks around like everyone is looking at him & has the tall hair like Pauly D BUT actually it’s often styled like Dane Cook in his depressed not as hot days. I think that’s because he 1. Can’t afford the amount of hair product that Pauly uses or 2. He’s a little lazier/not really a “Guido” (did I spell that right?) I’m not sure. Also I never really see him working out hard. Generally he goes to a machine, sits down, looks around, does ONE rep gets up gets a drink & moves on. It’s kinda weird. Oh yes, all while looking around at everyone & making people feel awkward for looking at him. Oh and he stretches a lot, after every single machine he does one rep one. He’s behind me now, I think he’s following me. I hope you get a kick out of this just as much as I do watching him.

God I stink.

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Yesterday we planted our mini potted garden. We live in a town home and didn’t want to plant in ground so we are attempting potted veggies. Little man loved putting the soil in the pots! It was actually a fun activity for us, some may imagine it’d be messy with a two year old but it was no messier than I imagine it’d be if I did it myself.
I just really hope they don’t die. Ohio weather has been so weird, as usual, but it’s 70 one day and 40 with a freeze working the next. It just makes me worry they won’t handle well. At least in pots I can pull them inside if it gets too cold & hope my cat doesn’t eat them :/ Tomato plants are actually poisonous to cats. So we’re going to leave them out but I think they’ll be okay. I cannot wait to harvest our own foods! How cool to say we picked our own berries or peppers! I’m pretty excited.



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I really have a neat job. I’m a receptionist at a retirement village.
I not only meet many people daily, people with all types of backgrounds and personalities but I get to meet people with many different ailments.
My most interesting to me are those with Alzheimer’s. I’ve ways been very intrigued with the mind and how people thing or why they do things and this topic really gets me thinking and just so interested.
I have a resident that when I first started had probably the beginning stages of Alzheimer’s, as I’ve worked there in just 3 months I’ve gotten to see the disease get worse in her. She’d always said hi and ask how I liked my job and she generally was lucid enough to remember me but sometimes shed ask my name or how long I’ve worked there.
As weeks would go by I’d notice questions she would ask may get a little different or more often, her greeting to me is sometimes very casual as if I’m a stranger shed not met yet.
Today though was the most interesting of conversations with her.
I said hey, and asked her about he day & if she enjoyed the party today. She followed her answer by asking if I liked my job and complimenting me on my job, which is normal for her to mention.
Then she asked if I remembered her I yet viewing me, saying I’d been there two weeks and she just knew I’d be great because my personality was so bubbly and happy. Which at my interview it was but she did not interview me, she’s a resident, and I don’t recall her being around. She actually stuck to this idea after I replied “Oh, No my boss interviewed me.” She then said “Oh, well maybe I did your orientation. Yea that’s probably it.”
It’s so interesting to me how she really thought this. It’s amazing how our brains work and what we may really believe is reality.

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My little guy got his glasses today, and man is he adorable as ever.


I felt a true mothers joy when he smiled as big as the moon after we put them on him. I just knew right there that he liked them, just maybe he can see perfectly now. Maybe things were blurry until that second and he smiled after seeing the beauty in clear vision. His vision wasn’t horrible just poor enough for the ophthalmologist to decide he’s better off with glasses.
I think he’s beautiful with them. There’s nothing more I want for him than his happiness and he’s happy wearing the new glasses.
They are not any bother to him, he can still throw a football & eat popsicles so he’s perfectly fine with them!
I’m perfectly happy with that.



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Every time I hear of a deployment homecoming I get so mushy, every time I see pictures from one I almost cry. When I’m going through everyday face paced routines, I barely think about the things of the past but there are those times that make me stop in my shoes and think, wow. Experiencing a homecoming is one of the most beautiful events I probably have. Seeing hundreds of people, many of those wife, moms, and children gather in one gym or parking lot, all from miles and miles away…some just next door, waiting for that one person that they love who has been overseas for anywhere from 7-13 months. The anxiousness you feel, it’s something you can never explain. Seeing those buses pull up one after the other, loaded with Marines and luggage, sand from the other side of the world (that you’ll never get rid of).
As you stand there watching every face come off that bus one after the other waiting for the one you want to see. (not that seeing them all isn’t great, it’s amazing they are all home safe) It’s definitely a feeling that you’ll never forget, that rush of ‘Oh my gosh, oh my’s happening! He’s home!’ Then seeing his face come out of that buss door. It;s true, he is home. After 10 months he is home to stay (at least for another year), he is standing in front of you not on a computer screen.

I went through this in Oct 2009. I’ll never forget the feeling and how amazing it was to experience it was for not just me but for everyone else going through the same thing.

A friend of mine just had a homecoming with her husband yesterday. He was one of my husbands best friends, they spent almost a year in a little “tin can” it was big enough for two beds, and a mouse that ate their cheese itz. It was just so nice to see he is finally home, even for us it seemed like forever and a day that he’d been gone.

I am just so excited for them!