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Lemons,Love & Pink

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I was at the store and saw some coconut water & thought to myself, that stuff is so good for you. I just don’t care for the taste for some reason. You know what I’ll just mix it with lemon & water, be side everything taste better with lemons.
-just before– I saw frozen grape juice and thought eh I’m too cheap to spend 2.65 on this I think I’ll just make lemonade.

So I made lemon coconut water not sure on its outcome because I went purely off of just what I thought sounded good.

Here’s what I used

3/4 pitcher of water
1 carton of coconut water
Half a large lemon -squeezed into the waters-

Mix well
It’s actually really good & you get the goods from the coconut water without such a powerful taste. Just drink multiple glasses 😉


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