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Well as you know if you read here often, we don’t eat real dairy products BUT we still love things that normally have dairy in them!
Last night was potato soup.. In the crock pot even! You can totally do this on the stove I was just letting it simmer.

So here’s what you need if you want dairy free potato soup, oh and it’s lighter by the way.. Less calories! It’s relatively clean I’d say too.


  • A few lbs of potatoes, (I used around 6 or so good sized potatoes from the bag.)
  • A full box/carton of veggie broth
  • 3 cups of water
  • 2 tables spoons of butter, we use Olivio olive oil substitute
  • 3 brats leftover from the night before.
    *You could use a half pound of sausage or to make it vegetarian which I do often find some great veggie sausage.
  • A little salt & spices or seasons you like most.
    (I often put pepper in mine but after I dropped it in a pain if boiling pasta I no  longer have any and can never remember to buy more.)

Now this is totally easy.
Pour the broth, water & drop the butter  in the crockpot
Dice up the potatoes, drop them in
Add you spices you like, I used salt, adobo season mix & oregano and it came out tasty but you choose your favorites!
Cooking is all about your taste anyway, right?
Pop that baby on high & let it cook for 6 hours!

6 hours later…

When the potatoes are nice & soft scoop about a two cups of liquid out & set aside, next your going to make it creamy scoop your soup into your food processes or blender & make them nice and creamy, set them aside and do it another 3 or so times. If you want a chunkier soup then simply spend less. Toss those creamy potatoes back into your crock pot with the stuff you didn’t mix. I always leave around 1/3 not blended.


6 hours later…lets blend!

Now with the liquid on the side just add it in so your soup is the constancy you like. I add very little as we like a thicker soup.


The liquid on the side

Once you have your soup to the consistency that you enjoy most it is not ready for you to eat!
Scoop it on into a big bowl, grab some ciabatta bread  and enjoy!!
The best bread to pair with it my hubby and I decided on is ciabatta. It’s a perfect match made in food heaven.


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