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A blog about family, awesome eats &..Me! throws us a miracle.
That wouldn’t be anymore true than it was on Mother’s Day for me, my best friend and her family.
As I’m making breakfast for my little guy I get a txt around 8:00 in the morning saying “I’m having contractions, I’m at the hospital and they are going to try to stop them.” My first reaction was “What!!” …”Like, real contractions!?”
Obviously yes but she was only 32 weeks. I was stunned. I was climbing the stairs to change so I could leave for the 2 hour drive to her once my hubby got home from the gym just as I received a call from her fiance. She’s being sent to Columbus by Care Flight and I needed to meet her in 30 minutes. I was there, before the helicopter!! I was able to get back within 10 minutes even though they said originally it’d be an hour.

There was a large series of events.. the contractions slowed, her parents left, her fiance walked his parents to their car (both sets live 2 hours away) and then her contractions flared up and there we were, just her and I breathing.
After and hour I made the doctor come in and questioned them stopping it…they said this was normal. After 8 hours I asked the nurse how long stopping labor takes and as she struggled to not look at me she said well sometimes we just can’t stop it. Right there I knew he was coming within the next 24-48 hours.. well surprise to me he’d be here 6 hours later.
After the contractions calmed a slight bit I went home to get dinner and put my little guy to bed just in time to be called back. It was happening, she was finally dilating and he was indeed coming tonight!!

Once I got there I ran straight back and couldn’t go in (I tried twice). Within 3 hours of waiting he was here, I ran back to her room just in time to see him as they were taking him to be examined. He was precious and I will never forget that moment… looking at her mom saying, “She has a baby!”
He was an amazing 4lbs 11oz.

He’s doing fabulous and I love him more and more everyday and I cannot wait to hold him and kiss all over him!!


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